At Legacy Leasing, it is our goal to transform the management industry through our commitment to positive change and innovation that redefines the quality and consistency of service that clients can expect from property managers. We have a profound desire to inspire trust through demonstrating dedication to honesty, integrity, and transparency. We are committed to growing with, give back to, and act as leaders within our communities.

The owners of Legacy Leasing started within the industry by building and buying their own rental properties over 12 years ago. After managing our own properties and those of others, we saw a distinct need for a like-minded, family operated management team. We have since created a new breed of property managers along with a staff that keeps our vision true for our company. Our goal is to use this experience to become leaders in the industry and the community by keeping true to our vision and goals.

If you seek a higher standard of personal service in property management, we invite you to contact us. Let’s talk about we can help you achieve your real estate goals.